Some initial thoughts about health in general.

I believe that good health rests upon three factors. A tripod with a missing leg will fall over. Similarly, failing to attend to any one of these factors will lead to failure to reach optimum health.

What are the three factors?

First of all, generally taking care of yourself. This includes regular checkups with your doctor and dentist, following their instructions, and taking prescribed medications as directed. It also includes getting enough sleep/rest, and managing stress.

Secondly, fueling your body with proper nutrition. All of the issues related to diet come into consideration here. And by “diet” I mean “whatever it is that you’re eating on a regular basis.” My problem with “diet” as society generally understands the term (a planned list of “dos,” “don’ts,” etc.) is that it implies that a person will use it for a certain period of time, achieve a goal, and then “go off” of the diet. I like to think in terms of macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), whether or not I’m feeding myself enough of each, and that they are coming from good sources. More about specific foods later.

Thirdly, physical exercise. There are many forms of exercise, and countless ways to perform various specific exercises. I believe that it’s important to include both cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise into your routine. Cardiovascular exercise promotes a healthy cardiovascular system in the body, and burns fat. Resistance exercises (training for strength with or without weights) build and support lean body mass (muscle), and contribute to more of a fat-burning metabolism, even while at rest. More about specific exercises later.

Today, I just want you take a few minutes and consider: are you paying enough attention to all three factors in your life?

Author: Ron Maurey

Pianist, teacher, vocal coach, and church musician. Fitness enthusiast.

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